1. What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a team sport played with a frisbee between two teams of seven players on a field similar in dimensions to a football field. The object of the game is to score by catching a pass in the opponent's end zone. You may not run with the frisbee, it is advanced by completing passes to teammates. Ultimate is a transition game, like basketball, in which players move quickly from offense to defense on turnovers. Turnovers occur with a dropped pass, an interception, a pass out of bounds, or when a player holds the disc for more than ten seconds. For the basics, check out Ultimate in 10 Simple Rules.

2. What equipment do I need to play?

Ultimate requires very little equipment. All you need is a 175-gram disc, shorts, a t-shirt and some cleats. For your first practice, all you'll need are shorts, a light t-shirt, a dark t-shirt, a water bottle and a some cleats.

3. What if I've never played before?

We encourage beginners and experienced players alike to come practice with the club. The entire fall quarter is geared towards teaching the fundamentals of ultimate, starting with Fall League, an intramural ultimate frisbee league run by the Ultimate team. More than half of our current players had little to no experience playing ultimate prior to coming to our practices.

During winter and spring quarters, we split into two teams, both of which compete against other college teams. One competitive team with a high level of commitment, and one more laid-back team aimed at continued development of fundamental skills.

4. Who do you play against?

We play in tournaments against other college teams from around the country. In the 2013-2014 season, our A-Team played 31 games at 4 tournaments, our B-Team played in 16 games at 3 tournaments and we had two pre-split teams during the fall which played in 15 games apiece in 2 tournaments. Our opponents included teams such as Arizona, British Columbia, Cal, Cal Poly, Cincinnati, Colorado, Las Positas, Oklahoma, Oregon, SDSU, UC-San Diego, UC-Santa Barbara and Whitman. Our 2014-2015 schedule will include even more games and tournaments.

5. What season do you play?

We begin regular practices in the fall where we teach basic skills, will run an intramural fall league, and compete in a couple of local tournaments. This is also when we conduct tryouts for the A-team. If you want to play on the A-team you must earn a spot in the fall. Both our A and B teams continue to play throughout the winter and spring, culminating with the USAU College Championship Series near the end of spring quarter.

6. When and where are the tournaments?

We play tournaments on several weekends during fall, winter and spring quarter. Our A-team travels to tournaments throughout the country, while our B-team primarily travels to local tournaments. During the 2013-2014 season we played tournaments in Bellingham (WA), Burlington (WA), Corvallis (OR), Eugene (OR), San Diego (CA) and Santa Barbara (CA). For our current tournament schedule, see our events schedule.

7. What's the deal with practices

New players are encouraged to come to practices! We hold 2-3 hour practices three days a week. In addition, the A-team has one or two off-day workouts per week. Practices are run by our coaches and usually consist of skill drills and scrimmaging. For your first practice, all you'll need are shorts, a light t-shirt, a dark t-shirt and a water bottle. Cleats are also highly recommended. Click here for our practice schedule or email the captains at sundodgers@gmail.com for more info.

8. What kind of frisbee do you use?

We use the official disc of USAU, a 175-gram Discraft Ultrastar. Discs are available for sale from the club for $10 at practices and from time-to-time at the HUB Lawn.

9. How do I join the club?

Joining the club is simple. First, join our mailing list. Second, start showing up for practices. That's all there is to it. Email our captains at sundodgers@gmail.com if you have any questions about ultimate or the club.

10. Do you have a coach?

Yes. Our returning head coach for the 2013-2014 season is Ray Illian, a UW Ultimate alumnus, who has substantial ultimate experience at the collegiate level and beyond, including a win in the 2004 UPA Club National Championships as a member of Seattle Sockeye. Our returning A-team assistant coach is Gabe Pedersen, a 5 year UW alumnus and member of the UW squad that attended 2005 College Nationals. Our B-team coaches for the season are Bryce Kalmbach, Collin Provence and Greg Brey, who are all Sundodger alumni.

11. Is there a governing body for college ultimate?

Yes. The USAU is the governing body for college ultimate. The USAU College Series Website is located at http://www.usaultimate.org/competition/college_division/default.aspx.

12. How do I get on the email list?

Join the Sundodgers email list at the University of Washington by going to https://mailman13.u.washington.edu/mailman/listinfo/sundodgers.

13. Where does your name come from?

The name 'Sundodgers' stems from the University of Washington's original mascot, Sunny the Sundodger. The Sundodger name was replaced in favor of the Huskies in 1923. We are unable to use the Washington 'W,' or the Husky name or logo because of the substantial licensing fees we'd have to pay to the Trademarks and Licensing Office.

If you have any questions that we haven't addressed, please email the captains at sundodgers@gmail.com. We hope to see you at practice!